Let’s just say Wow! We can finally share the exciting news with vou! We have been chosen as one of the 30 Rising Stars of wedding photography in the world for 2022 by New York Rangefinder Magazine. There are no words to explain how grateful we are for this life-changing award. Just to be nominated among the 300+ most talented artists is amazing by itself.
Did we expect it earlier, maybe, but did it arrive just at the right time, yes it did!

With us, everything is in the process, in searching and thinking, only two things happened so quickly, our love and the decision to be wedding photographers.

Everything else was awaited, time, procedures, awards and confirmation of our work, first from ourselves and later from others.

We were nominated for this award for the first time in 2020, in the most difficult year for us, and probably for all other wedding photographers. That was the year when we barely managed to choose 30 photos and present our work, and deep down we knew that it could be better and that our real portfolio is waiting for some time, some arranged moments and things, waiting for us to grow and mature first ourselves and be ready to say…

We are proud of ourselves and our work! And that moment came, that year that we say was OURS! And that we can proudly say, hey thats us!
One of 30 Rising Stars of wedding photography! And yes, we can proudly say that we have grown, both in love and in photography.
And then the reward arrived, just in time.~

If you don’t know already Rangefinder is an award-winning and leading Magazine in the worlds of portrait and wedding photography established in the early 50 s. One of their hallmarks is 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography competition, one of the most sought-after honors in the industry.

Head over to Rangefindermag and browse all the galleries.
We are so grateful to our amazing clients, friends, and colleagues for all their love and support.

Congratulations to all that made the list this year!