Things we love

Kisses, many kisses, morning hugs, breakfast in bed, coffee, and lots of it, traveling and road trips, places where everything is photogenic, sunrise, sunsets and golden hour, all dogs but especially our dog Mogly, meeting new people, eating pasta, and cheesecake, a good movie, Instagram, long walks and talks, sound of silence, but loud music too, leather jackets and coats, rooftop flats, styled interior, art in any form, smell of soap reminds of childhood, sitting near bonfire, Starcraft and Sims, new technologies, rollerskates, white noise, soak up sun, drinking chocolate milk and we love to be together all the time. :)

Not big fans of

Waiting in line, heavy traffic, short day, low battery, going to the dentist, cold weather, stains, boredom, top shelves, loud Instagram stories, crumbs on the floor, the smell of onions, no elevator buildings, no more milk in the fridge, politics, being late, last day of summer, getting old.

Dream destinations

Island, Cuba, Russia, India, Dominican Republic, Mexico, China, Norway, Argentina, White Sands (New Mexico), New Zealand, San Francisco and more...

Upcoming destinations: Vienna April, Porto September

Fun facts

"I always sit with one or both feet tucked up underneath me.
My beard is longer than my hair.
My favorite noise is from a hair dryer."
"Most of my wardrobe is clothes with dots.
I'm afraid of pigeons.
I always carry my blanket with me."
Our favorite TV show is "Blacklist"
Nebojsa likes white and Milica black side of the chocolate spread.
If we were not photographers, we would be astronauts.