Osijek Romantic Wedding Session

This was the best weekend of our professional career. It was the first workshop that Milica and I went together.
An unbelievable experience, lovely people, amazing time.
The whole gallery was captured during the East Workshop in Osijek by Marcijus Weddings. Two days for photography, friendship and inspiration. We all need time to learn from each other and this was a perfect opportunity.

What else to say then:
“We can’t stop! Can’t stop thinking about these days we spent with amazing people, our friends, insanely talented artists. Can’t stop thinking about how fast time flies when you’re having a great time. Can’t stop thinking about strong energy we had, about laughing, crying, sharing experiences and memories. We gather 14 souls to share each other’s stories. We were thinking about beginnings, growing, falling down and rising. We talked about love. This is the most important thing in every part of our lives- to love. Each other, our parents, friends, life. ”

Tomislav and Lara

Workshop created by Marcijus Weddings

Florist: Bloom Room

Wedding dress: Studio Gray

Makeup Artist: Pale Canvas

Thank you for all ~